The Rotary Club of Howick ENTRY WAIVER

(these are noted with check boxes during the registration process & also on the On The Day Entry Forms)

By registering your child to participate in an event, you have confirmed that you have read and understood entry waiver and terms & conditions .

1. I confirm that I am authorised to enter my child/ward named above in the The Rotary Club of Howick (at the location and on the date described above) and give this waiver personally and on their behalf.

2. I confirm that my child/ward named above is at least seven (7) years of age and that I have disclosed all relevant medical conditions (including allergies) to the organisers of the The Rotary Club of Howick.

3. I agree to comply with the rules and event instructions of the The Rotary Club of Howick and enter at my child/ward’s own risk. I further understand that neither The Rotary Club of Howick nor the organisers take any responsibility for loss of or damage to property .

4. I understand the ethos and confirm that we will adhere to "fair play" .

5. I understand that for Health and Safety reasons participants my child/ward must wear closed in shoes for trun leg of the event , and my child/ward will comply with this.

6. I consent to The Rotary Club of Howick and the event organisers collecting, retaining and using personal information of my child/ward, and sharing it with third parties who are involved in the event. I understand that my child’s/ward’s name may appear on promotional materials and merchandise associated as well as the website. The Rotary Club of Howick event organisers may notify us of events as well as any marketing and promotional activities of The Rotary Club of Howick. The Rotary Club of Howick and the event organisers will hold the information securely. I understand that we have the right to access our personal information and request correction of any errors in it pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993.

7. I agree that any photographs, videos and/or other images of my child/ward taken during the event may be used for media and promotional purposes in connection with future events , including on the The Rotary Club of Howick website.


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